Purple Star Award Application Form

For help or questions, check out the school resource tab or email sarah.jemison@ky.gov 

1. School Information:

2. Purple Star Liaison(s) for Your School Building: Purple Star Liaisons will complete a brief, questionnaire from REACH Evaluation twice a year after receiving the Purple Star Award. The questionnaire allows the Liaisons to provide feedback and suggestions to the advisory board to help make improvements to program where needed.

3. Please provide the web address for your military families’ resource page (include local and state or national resources)

4. Describe the professional development training the liaison attended and answer the following questions:

5. How was the information gained from the professional development training communicated to faculty and staff in your school and to parents and the community?

6. What two useful ideas did you get from the professional development training? (40 word minimum)

7. How could you implement these ideas immediately in your school? (40 words minimum)

8. What ideas did you get that could be useful but will require further investigation or long-term planning? (35 words minimum)

9. List three colleagues from your school and their positions who will help implement the ideas gained from your professional development in your school.

10. Military Support Activities: Purple Star schools must complete at least one of the following but are strongly encouraged to do more to show their support of military families.

11. Age-Appropriate Supports:

12. I hereby certify the above statements are unique to my school and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false or inauthentic statement may disqualify my application.

13. Please include supporting documents with your application such as pictures, videos, flyers or weblinks.

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